NPCR Federal Initiatives 

NPCR’s national policy agenda includes provisions that would extend the reach of government through the enhancement of the role of nonprofits in the brownfields arena. In addition, NPCR is focused on improving the USEPA’s brownfield programs with particular attention to the Revolving Loan Fund program, which has acute bureaucratic obstacles to leveraging private investment in LMI communities.

June 30, 2015Comments on EPA's Draft Environmental Justice 2020 Action Agenda Framework

May 2011: NPCR Statement to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council on Plan EJ 2014, Supporting Community Based Action Programs Implementation Plan (Strengthening the Area-Wide Approach to Brownfields Redevelopment and Community Revitalization) 

May 2011: NPCR Statement to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council Recommendations to Improve USEPA Brownfield Grant Programs for Low- and Moderate-Income Communities 

July 2, 2010: NPCR Comments on USEPA Draft FY 2011 Guidelines for Brownfields Assessment, Cleanup and Revolving Loan Fund Grants

March 12, 2010: NPCR Comments on the Sustainable Community Planning Grant Program

March 2010: Sign-on letter to expand the eligibility of non-profits for EPA Brownfield Site Assessment and Revolving Loan Fund grants

February 23, 2010: National Brownfields Coalition: President Obama’s FY 2011 Budget Will Help Clean Up Brownfields, Revitalize Communities, and Create Jobs Nationwide

NPCR's State Initiatives 

NPCR is working at the State level to improve the functioning of the State’s brownfield programs, to secure resources for  the Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) program and to ensure that the State’s brownfield tax credits are targeted to community supported projects in low income areas.

August 6, 2016​: NPCR's President, Val Washington, was a panelist at Governor Cuomo's kickoff Sustainability Conference, introducing the NYU study of the Brownfield Opportunity Areas program. 

May 13, 2016: NPCR preview of the Wagner School Capstone study of the BOA program at the Annual NPCR Brownfield Forum in Brooklyn

March 18, 2016: NPCR news update: Good news for the Brownfield Opportunity Program

January 13, 2016: NPCR's OP-ED, urging new funding for the BOA program, is published in the Albany Times Union

December 17, 2015: NPCR's Jeff Jones and Val Washington discuss the importance of the BOA program with Susan Arbetter on WCNY's Capitol Pressroom

November 3, 2015Letter to the Governor in support of the BOA program and BOA funding

August 4, 2015: Comments on DEC's Proposed Amendments to 6NYCRR Part 275 Brownfield Cleanup Program Regulations Definition of Underutilization

May 2015: Memo in Support of S5143 (Avella)/A7970(Brindisi)

April 2, 2015:Summary of brownfield changes in the 2015 NYS Budget

February 9, 2015: Press Release on new funding for the Environmental Restoration Program

January, 2015: Brownfield Program Revisions in in the Governor's Proposed 2015/2016 Budget

February 18, 2014: NPCR & NYC-EJA Joint letter to Gov. on 30 Day Amendments

January 30, 2014: Letter from Senator Grisanti 

January 30, 2014: Presentation by NYSDEC Deputy Commissioner Eugene Leff at NPCR’s 6th Annual Brownfields Forum 

January 30, 2014: Bousquet/Desnoyers Outline on Key Points from the Proposed Executive Budget

January 2014: NPCR-NYC-EJA Joint Testimony at Budget Hearing

January 2014: NPCR’s 2014 Albany Priorities

December 2013: Joint Letter to Governor Cuomo

June 2013: Memo in Support S.1678 (Grisanti)

March 2013: Letter to Chairman Grisanti about the positive impacts of the Brownfield Opportunity Area program and brownfields reform.

February 2013: Letter to Chairman Sweeney about the impacts of the Brownfield Opportunity Area program and the number of BOA sites that have advanced to the BCP.

December 2012: NPCR & NYC-EJA Joint Testimony at NYS Assembly Hearing

June 2011: The Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program: Smart Investments Laying the Groundwork for Economic Development, June 2011

April 2011: 2011 NPCR NYS Platform

January 2011: Smart Growth Outlook 2011: Challenges and Opportunities in Brownfields, Area-wide Planning & Implementation

January 15, 2010: NPCR Comments on DER-10 Technical Guidance for Site Investigation and Remediation

January 12, 2010: NPCR Statement to the Smart Growth Cabinet

2010 NPCR NYS Platform

December 15, 2009: NPCR Comments on NYSDEC DER-30 Real Property Eligibility Opinions for the BCP

December 15, 2009: NPCR Comments on DEC Soil Cleanup Guidance

December 4, 2009: NPCR Comments on NYSDEC DER-32 Brownfield Site Cleanup Agreements

May 27, 2009: NPCR Testimony at the State Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation Public Hearing on the Proposed Clean Water, Clean Air & Green Jobs Bond Act

March 2009: Making the Case for Green Investment: Building New York’s Green Economy through Natural Resource Protection and Investment in Green Innovation and Job Creation

February 12, 2008: NPCR Testimony at the NYS Budget Hearing

September 25, 2007: NPCR Testimony - Brownfield Cleanup Program and Brownfield Opportunity Area Program Hearing

August 27, 2007: NPCR Testimony - Brownfield Cleanup Program and Brownfield Opportunity Area Program Hearing

February & March 2007: NYS Budget Joint Fiscal Hearings: Economic Development/ Environmental

January 2007: Brownfields Breakthrough: A Report on New York’s Revitalization Tool for the Future

August 2006: NPCR Testimony on draft Part 375-5 Remediation Stipulation Program

August 2006: NPCR Comments on draft Part 375 Brownfield Regulations

March 6, 2006: NPCR Comments on draft Part 375 Brownfield Regulations